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Matches Played

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NDCA:2nd Grade Competition
NDCA:3rd Grade Competition
NDCA:4th Grade Competition
NDCA:U/21 T20 Competition
NDCA:U/16 S. G. Moore Cup T20 Competition
NDCA:Denis Broad OAM Cup (Lower Grades T20)
NDCA:NCC T20 Summer Bash
NDCA:1st Grade Competition
NDCA:Tom Locker Cup Final (LO 1st Grade)
NDCA:Royce McCormack Cup Final (LO 2nd Grade)
NDCA:Suburban Districts Division 1
NDCA:Suburban Districts Division 3
1 Sneddon, Nathan A400000240100
2 White, Aidan J200000000000
3 Herring, Benjamin W900004100100
4 Bushell, Christopher J026000000000
5 Clarke, Daniel900000020100
6 Clarke, Joseph d000000190000
7 Price, Nathan A000000520000
8 Wilson, Gavin R060000000000
9 Young, Russell0100002000000
10 Burt, Cameron500000000000
11 Pettigrew, Joshua800004010100
12 Seamer, Alex0000002100000
13 Montgomery, Jacob000000490000
14 Harter, Mitchell001000000000
15 Magann, Patrick000000290000
16 Brooks, Ryan0000002100000
17 Pandit, Ameet P0000000000150
18 Hassan, Moosa025000000000
19 Herring, Christopher020000000000
20 Jekot, Ethan400300350100
21 Gabriel, Callum000000300000
22 Koubouchian, Blake190301000000
23 Ward, Jack240004000000
24 Hall-Thompson, James000000000008
25 Mitchell, Aiden0100000000000
26 Dasari, Praveen Kumar0000000000130
27 Amir, Muhammad000000170000
28 Javaid, Umar M1000004000100
29 Varoxis, Jason900004310100
30 Hughes, James010000000000
31 Bates, Cameron500000000000
32 Kirby, Will313000000000
33 Plumridge, Joseph006040000000
34 Barton, Dylon J010000000000
35 Montgomery, Will000010000000
36 STARR, JACK740000000100
37 Lynch, Matthew0003005100000
38 Page, Jacob T000000290000
39 Verma, Sagar000000000029
40 Lennox, Cooper E000300590000
41 Cooper, Noah430104000100
42 Clark, Jye360300000000
43 Perrett, Connor052004000000
44 Kendall, Jackson034000000000
45 Bandodkar, Vishant000000000003
46 Wood, Peter003000000000
47 Lennox, Zachary640304000000
48 Graham, Vali600300100000
49 Sharma, Varun0000000000160
50 Syed, Shafiq0000000000160
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Total Records: 98   Page: 1 of 2   Go to:Prev   <[1 2]>Next


Number of matches played Not including matches where a player was a sub, or matches that didn't commence (Abandoned, Forfeit and Washout matches). If the "Include Abandoned, Forfeit and Washout Matches" tickbox is selected, then these match types will be included, but only if a team was selected.